Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum time and financial commitment?

Netcito membership is currently provided on a month-to-month basis, so members can resign at any time. You will not be charged until your first meeting.


After that, we offer a 90 day trial to ensure that Netcito is a fit for you. That means we will refund your dues upon the third meeting if you feel that you aren’t getting sufficient value. As long as you attend your first meeting, we will also refund the initiation fee upon your departure. In return, we ask that you give the first 3 months a true investment of your time and energy because the value of Netcito is a direct product of how much members put into it.

How often do forums meet?

Forums typically meet monthly.  You are strongly encouraged to attend meetings whenever you are in town. We recommend that groups evaluate a member’s attendance once s/he has missed 2+ meetings in a calendar year. In addition to these core meetings, Netcito hosts optional salons and other events throughout the year.

How long do meetings last?

It takes about 4 hours to thoroughly address the issues raised by 10 people in a Netcito forum. Netcito hosts an annual retreat so that you can present and discuss your annual plans.  There may be additional fees for attending the retreat to offset the costs of hosting and refreshments.


Netcito is designed as a place where you escape the weeds, press pause on small, urgent issues, and focus on what is important.  By taking time to identify and resolve big issues, focus on the right priorities, and track progress relative to goals, you’ll realize substantial gains in productivity and effectiveness – in only 3% of the total hours in an average working month.


Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”  Netcito is the time where members sharpen their axes.

What happens in meetings?

A typical meeting starts with a moment of silence and new member introductions, if applicable.  After that, we do quick 1-minute check-ins with every member to get reacquainted and discuss what’s new. The bulk of the meeting is devoted to member presentations, where each member presents an issue to discuss with the group for 10-20 minutes.  We wrap up by covering any administrative issues and confirming details for the next meeting.  We often introduce new elements into meetings to encourage creativity and innovation.

Is Netcito a networking group?

No.  Netcito is a group where people form close connections, but the network is foremost a venue for taking strategic steps to grow your business.  When you join the network, you belong to a trusted circle of 10 peers that stays together throughout the term of membership.  Netcito meetings primarily serve as a forum where members can exchange ideas and challenges.  The result is business impact, accountability, and close connections between members.  While Netcito will enable you to extend the reach of your network by an order of magnitude, the primary purpose is not networking.

I don’t think of myself as an entrepreneur or innovator. Is Netcito right for me?

Probably.  Anyone who runs a business, is starting a business, or is pushing the envelope on innovation can get value from Netcito.  Netcito is a trusted forum where you can share ideas and challenges, and get feedback from 10 other smart people.  Between the brainpower available in a group and in the larger network, plus the connections that come from 10 people reaching out to their networks, you can make transformative leaps in productivity and effectiveness.

What do members talk about?

Netcito is designed to be a forum where members can trust each other and share the issues that they can’t talk about with anyone else.  Members talk about a broad range of issues that impact their professional and personal lives.  Topics discussed include everything from dealing with challenging employees to raising capital to deciding whether or not to have another child.

Are meetings confidential?

All issues discussed in a meeting are treated as strictly confidential.  When members join Netcito, they agree to a thorough policy on confidentiality.  Most groups take extra lengths to reinforce this understanding on an ongoing basis.

Who facilitates the meetings?

Netcito train members to chair meetings so that forums can manage themselves.  Membership dues include at least one professionally-facilitated meeting per year, plus the initial training session required to launch a new forum.

Where do meetings take place?

Members host meetings in their homes and offices.

Why should I pay dues when the members are doing all of the work to host and chair the meeting?

Chairing the meeting is the easy part.  We have found over the years that once people leave the room after a meeting, it is easy to completely forget about Netcito until the next session, assuming that meeting happens at all.  Netcito provides a range of services to ensure that (a) the meeting is productive and impactful; and (b) the logistic elements of running a group fall into place.

We ensure productive and impactful meetings by:


  • Training members on how to run a meeting effectively.  Once a year, a professional facilitator leads a meeting and refreshes members on issues such as creating effective agendas, delegating responsibility for hosting and chairing meetings, managing new member applications, new member onboarding, and frameworks for driving useful and interesting discussion.
  • Providing resources such as prep sheets, agendas, policies, and guides to help members run their groups effectively.
  • Ensuring that members are held accountable for their promises and that the next meeting happens.  Netcito staff follows up with members to conduct a post-meeting debrief and ensure that meeting minutes get posted.  We double-check to make sure that the next meeting and subsequent dates are on the calendar.  As the next meeting approaches, we make sure that someone has the ball for hosting a meeting.  We ensure that members fill out their prep sheets.  We do our best to ensure that members RSVP.  We make sure an agenda gets mailed.

Can I advance to different forums as my business grows?

Yes.  Members can switch to a different forum at any time, as long as they apply to the new group and they are accepted.

What are the dress requirements?

Netcito dress requirements are strictly come as you are and be comfortable.  Meetings are meant to be places where you can let your hair down and enjoy yourself.