Agencito Monthly Meeting

The January meeting for Agencito is scheduled for (typically the first) Monday every month from 10:00AM-1:00PM ET.   2023 Agencito meetings: 5/15 6/5 7/10 (moved back 1 week for the 7/4 holiday) 8/7 9/4 10/2 11/6 12/4 Location: Online

Transforming Stress, Anxiety, and Discomfort Into Fuel for Growth

In this session, we'll explore how mindfulness can help us be present with stress, anxiety, and discomfort in our daily lives. Together, we'll cultivate an awareness of our thoughts and emotions, and learn how to use mindfulness to respond to difficult situations with greater clarity and resilience. Through guided meditation, learning, and discussion, we'll gain […]

Execution Essentials [1 of 3]

Session 1: Mastering Weekly Tactical Meetings Hosted by Dave Newberry of Six Corners This session will introduce you to business operating systems and Netcito's Execution Essentials. Learn a proven structure for efficient meetings that accelerate growth, simplify solutions, and save entrepreneurial sanity. Through interactive discussions and practice, you'll master framing, clarifying, and solving "Parking Lot" […]

Phillycito Monthly Meeting

Phillycito meetings are set for the 4th Tuesday of each month from 1-5PM, with the first half hour usually reserved for lunch (when meeting in person). Chair:  John S Vice Chair: Leo Location:  TBD   2023 meeting dates: 4/25 5/23 6/27 7/25 8/22 9/26 10/24 11/28 12/19 (Moved up one week)    

Metacito: Power of Acknowledgment

Metacito is for all Members. We hope you will join us. The skills we cover here are central to how you contribute to, and the value you derive from, Netcito monthly meetings. The topics also inform leadership in other environments in work and life. 2023 Meeting Dates 5/24 6/14

Event Series DCito Monthly meeting

DCito Monthly meeting

The DCito monthly meeting is scheduled for the final Tuesday of each month, 9:30AM-1:00PM. The host/location for this meeting is TBD and we will update this information after the group's last meeting has concluded. Location: TBD Chair: Chris V Vice Chair:  Scott & Olivia