Metacito: Balancing structure & flow in your meeting

Metacito is for all Members. We hope you will join us. The skills we cover here are central to how you contribute to, and the value you derive from, Netcito monthly meetings. The topics also inform leadership in other environments in work and life. 2023 Meeting Dates 6/14

Execution Essentials [2 of 3]

Session 2: Driving Accountability with Rocks and Scorecards Hosted by Dave Newberry of Six Corners In this session, you'll focus on mastering your weekly tactical meetings using Rocks and Scorecards. Discover how to build your business while driving it by working "in" and "on" the business every week. Learn to set FAST Rocks and establish monthly […]

Event Series DCito Monthly meeting

DCito Monthly meeting

The DCito monthly meeting is scheduled for the final Tuesday of each month, 9:30AM-1:00PM. The host/location for this meeting is TBD and we will update this information after the group's last meeting has concluded. Location: TBD Chair: Chris V Vice Chair:  Scott & Olivia

Event Series Phillycito Monthly Meeting

Phillycito Monthly Meeting

Phillycito meetings are set for the 4th Tuesday of each month from 1-5PM, with the first half hour usually reserved for lunch (when meeting in person). Chair:  John S Vice Chair: Leo Location:  TBD   2023 meeting dates: 4/25 5/23 6/27 7/25 8/22 9/26 10/24 11/28 12/19 (Moved up one week)    

Pitch Perfect: Elevate Your Investor Pitch with Peer Feedback

In this 1-hour session, you'll have the opportunity to give and receive valuable feedback on your investor pitch from other entrepreneurs like yourself. Working with other Netcito entrepreneurs, you’ll identify areas for improving and enhancing your pitch and increasing your chances of securing funding for your business. During the workshop, members will share their pitches, […]

Execution Essentials [3 of 3]

Session 3: Strategic Thinking & Execution Planning with Business Model Canvas Hosted by Dave Newberry of Six Corners For the final session, we'll delve into the differences between strategic thinking and execution planning. Learn how to use the Business Model Canvas to clarify priorities and accomplish more in less time. Cover the Minimum Viable Vision […]