Agencito Monthly Meeting

The December meeting for Agencito is scheduled for Monday December 12th from 10:00AM-1:00PM ET. The group meets on the second Monday of each month. 2022 Agencito meetings: December 12 2023 Agencito meetings: January 9 February 13 March 13 April 3 (moved up one week due to Easter) May 8 June 12 Netcito Community Manager, Zach […]

Twocito Monthly Meeting

The next Twocito meeting is scheduled for Friday December 16th, 2022 from 2:30PM-6:00PM. This will be an in-person meeting. Chair: Le-Marie Vice Chair: Marcus Host: TBD Location:  TBD   2022: 12/16   2023 meeting dates: 1/20 2/17 3/17 4/21 5/19 6/16 7/21 8/18 9/15 10/20 11/17 12/15

DCito December Meeting


The December DCito meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 12/20, 9:30AM-1:00PM. The host/location for this meeting is TBD and we will update this information after the group's November meeting. Starting in January of 2023, the group decided to meet on the last Tuesday of each month, 9:30a-1:00p. Location: TBD Chair: Paul Murphy Vice Chair:  Turner Hoff

Phillycito Monthly Meeting

Phillycito meetings are set for the 4th Tuesday of each month from 1-5PM, with the first half hour usually reserved for lunch (when meeting in person).   2022 meeting dates: 12/20 Chair: Zach P. Host: Zach P    

Bosscito Monthly Meeting

Bosscito meetings are set for the 3rd Tuesday of each month, from 2:00PM-5:00PM. Location: TBD Chair: Juliana Stein Vice Chair/Host:  Ali Cherry 2022 Meeting Dates 12/20 2023 Meeting Dates 1/17 2/21 3/21 4/18 5/16 6/20

Facilitator Forum

Facilitator Forum is our monthly community of practice for Netcito Chairs and all members interested in sharpening their facilitation skills. Our aim is to share experiences and learn together, which benefits our home groups and also ourselves. 2023 FF Meeting Dates 1/4 2/1 3/1 4/5 5/3 6/7

New Member Orientation

This is the placeholder for our recurring New Member Orientation, held on the second Wednesday every other month.  Location:  Online Upcoming Dates: 1/11/23 3/8/23 5/10/23 7/12/23

Agencito Monthly Meeting

The January meeting for Agencito is scheduled for (typically the first) Monday every month from 10:00AM-1:00PM ET.   2023 Agencito meetings: 5/15 6/5 7/10 (moved back 1 week for the 7/4 holiday) 8/7 9/4 10/2 11/6 12/4 Location: Online