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Netcito connects you with peer advisory groups of entrepreneurs, innovators, and community leaders. Through our unique approach to peer-based professional development, Netcito provides transformative experiences and proven results for our members.


If you’re here, chances are you’re on the path to building something great. Every business leader can benefit from trusted guidance and smart allies. If you’ve ever struggled through a problem and thought, “This isn’t the first time someone has tried to do this,” then you should become a member of a Netcito peer group. Chances are, you aren’t the first person to face your biggest challenges.

What We Provide



We connect Netcito members online and off, with a comprehensive digital directory, relevant industry news, discussion forums, and more. Each group gets a private online forum where they can engage and interact. We also help promote everyone’s events and successes by connecting them with the broader network of Netcito members.


We provide the training, structure, and tools to enable consistent success for participants, including meeting preparation, agendas, facilitation kits, and notes.


Each group benefits from a community manager who handles your meeting cycle, tracks RSVPs, and addresses other logistics to ensure that each meeting is well organized, efficiently run, and effective. Netcito makes it easy to experience the benefits of a mastermind group without having to deal with logistical and administrative tasks.

What Makes Netcito Unique



We reach beyond the facade to talk about what’s really going on in our businesses, courageously providing direct and compassionate feedback that helps us become aware of our blind spots. We support one another in achieving breakthrough insights that amplify our capacity as entrepreneurs and leaders.


Our members come from varied backgrounds, experiences, and industries. There is an immense opportunity to learn from this diversity. We may have different viewpoints, but we share common goals and challenges.


We take a minute of silence to start each gathering. We all walk in with the baggage from the day, the week, or the month, and taking a few breaths gives us a chance to unburden ourselves from distractions and reconnect with our natural capacity for creativity, inspiration and joy.


Our top priority is making Netcito available to the entrepreneurs and innovators who are operating at their creative edge. To do so, we keep our service affordable, make membership month-to-month, and utilize a peer-facilitation model for meetings.

Meet Some Of Our Members


Founder and CEO, Hugh & Crye


“Netcito has helped me tremendously with self-inquiry. As an entrepreneur, you’re faced with an endless stream of problems. Netcito helped me focus and articulate the problems as challenges I was facing, and in a way that allowed me to ask for help from my peer group.”

Founder and CEO, NextGen Angels


“The startup world is a never-ending balancing act and building a life to accommodate your work is as important as anything else. You may not realize this going in, but you need a place to figure that out. Netcito offers that space to talk about struggles beyond the traditional business challenges, where you learn things you may never have predicted you needed to know.”

Founder and CEO, Fab Foundation


“The worst part about being an entrepreneur is that it can be lonely. Even when there are other people around, the buck stops with you and it’s often hard to throw your cards down on the table and get honest feedback. Netcito is a safe haven where I can ask the questions I can’t generally ask elsewhere – and get a range of great, thoughtful, smart responses. It’s invaluable.”